BCCID initiated and organized with the cooperation of BIA a meetingbetween a delegation from the town of Huzhou, district of Zhejiang province of China, and representatives of BIA, BCCID and Bulgarian business. Participants in the meeting discussed possibilities for cooperation between Bulgarian and Chinese companies in the field of construction and interior design, electric mobility, lift equipment, cosmetics, tourism and agriculture.

The members of the Chinese delegation include chairs of administrative and business structures from Huzhou, incl. the Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Public Health, the Market Supervision Administration, the Economic and Technological Commission, the Office for Foreign Affairs and the Economic and Technological Development Zone.

The Bulgarian side was represented by the President of BCCID, DesislavaDoncheva, Executive President of BIA RadosvetRadev, BranimirHandjiev – Director General at BIA, Dobri Mitrev – Deputy General Secretary, Eng. Valentin Marinkov – Chairman of the Bulgarian Lift Association, and Directors of BCCID.

“I hope today’s meeting will open another window of the Bulgarian business to the Chinese market, and vice versa – the Chinese business will find valuable contact with potential Bulgarian partners. If these efforts to exchange information and experience become systematic, we will be extremely helpful to our members,” said RadosvetRadev at the beginning of the meeting.

For their part, Chinese guests presented some important facts about the economic profile of Huzhou city, the business climate and the priority production processes in the city.

The city has a population of 3 million people, and in 2017 it has welcomed 107 million tourists and the tourism turnover is over 100 billion yuan. Huzhou is also called the “capital of silk” and is one of the largest silk producers. Three-fourths of the total Chinese production of wooden floors and flooring is concentrated in a plant in Huzhou Industrial Zone. Among the priority industries is the production of lifts and parts for them – there are 19 lifts and 70 lift components manufacturers in the city. One-third of Chinese-made lift equipment comes from Huzhou.

There are also two major factories in the industrial area of the city for production of rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles and one of the goals of the local government is by the end of 2019 100% of the public transport needs in the city to be covered by electric vehicles. Electrical mobility is a highly developed industry, which is being recognized in October this year, when the city will host a world electric vehicle exhibition.

Last but not least, among the highly developed sectors are cosmetics and agriculture. Due to the similar weather conditions between Bulgaria and Huzhou, many companies from Zhejiang province have an interest in cooperating with Bulgarian companies in these sectors of the economy.

If you are interested in contacting potential Chinese partners, please contact Desislava Doncheva, Chairwoman of BCCID:

office@bccid.com, doncheva@bccid.com, tel .: 02 832 41 36.