Food industry

Excellent agricultural environment. Who hasn’t heard about them? Bulgarian wines and the famous Bulgarian yoghurt. Just two random examples of some very well-known products of the Bulgarian agriculture and Bulgarian food industry.

Already for ages Bulgaria is known for its agricultural sector and diversity of agricultural products. This tradition never changed and agriculture is still one of the most important fundaments of the Bulgarian economy.

Bulgaria provides an end-to-end solution to developing the Food & Agri sector


  • Unique natural conditions for the cultivation of a wide variety of crops, fruits, and vegetables
  • 50% of the country’s territory is farming land
  • Ecologically clean and fertile soils
  • Very high quality of organic products (ban on GMOs)
  • Established local producers and a strong tradition in the sector
  • Long-standing distribution channels in the former Eastern Bloc
  • The EU acquis on food has been transposed into Bulgarian legislation
  • Very high health and environmental protection standards make
  • Bulgarian food products fully prepared to meet even the highest and most complex consumer requirements
  • Major foreign investments by multinational companies account for a large - even dominant – market share in several key sectors such as confectionery, dairy products, and food & beverage
  • The growing demand for new and local food and beverages in Western Europe and beyond will boost the demand for traditional Bulgarian products