Rose oil production


The rose oil is called "the liquid gold" of Bulgaria because of its high price.

For one gramme of rose oil are used more than 1000 rose blossoms! Every flower is picked by hands and preserved carefully for the distillation.

Bulgarian rose oil is called “the Queen of all essential oils” . Bulgarian Rose Oil contains more than 300 valuable substances with a marvellous effect over the human body, that's why it is one of the most precious and expensive oils in the world.

The Rose Valley in Bulgaria, near the town of Kazanlak, is among the major producers of attar of roses in the world.

Thanks to the specific geographic and climate conditions – favorable temperatures during February, when blossoming buds formed, the maroon forest soils and frequency of the rainfalls during the rose picking in May and June, more than 3 centuries had been cultivated the famous all over the world Bulgarian oil rose. The air humidity, cloudiness and precipitation in May and June contributed to obtain roses yielding high percentage of oil.

The Bulgarian roses are inheritors of the so called Damascena rose, that was brought ages ago.

Thanks to the gained experience during the centuries in the brandy production the Bulgarian rose-producers developed the process of rose production by the means of double distillation. On that way the quantity of the extracted product was increased , keeping the fin fragrance and unique qualities of the rose attar.